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Below is a selection of archived IWSc Newsletters.  October 1997 highlighted the Annual Conference, with a very prophetic paper by Charles Hopping.  March 1989 marked the first issue.  The other issues show the work and role of the IWSc.  If you hold copies of IWSc newsletters we would be pleased to hear from you in order to add to our on-line archive. We are indebted to Keith Purcell and Andrew Gibson for the loan of their archives.

PDF icon IWSc Nwsltr Spring 1999.pdf (5.96 MB)

PDF icon IWSc Nwsltr Oct 1997.pdf (3.9 MB)

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PDF icon IWSc Nwsltr Sept 1995.pdf (5.12 MB)

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Thanks to the David Woodbridge and Andrew Gibson collections we have uploaded the first 17 issues, covering 1999 to 2007, of the former Institute of Wood Science's in-house journal.

There are many articles ranging from wood science to company profiles to people.

Sample copies are publicly available, and the remainder are available to current IOM3 members only.

Woodfocus Issue 1.pdf

Woodfocus Issue 2.pdf

Woodfocus Issue 4.pdf

See Woodfocus archive

From 2010 Woodfocus became an E-zine. (Please note that these are also Member only content.)

Wood Focus Issue 1 2014.

(For the 12 other archived Wood Focus e-zines, please click on the link in the top left corner of the above link.)



Timber Town

A fascinating look at the history of Liverpool timber trade, and written by the Frank Latham a former Chairman of the Liverpool Branch of the IWSc. This rare document explores the beginnings of Liverpool as a trading port, through to the 1960's timber trade.

PDF icon Timber Town The Book.pdf (7.21 MB)