RIEG meeting on Recycling of Rubber

10 Dec 2010

This RIEG meeting will discuss the challenges posed by the recycling of rubber. If you wish to contribute to this meeting then please contact Roly Whear.

2pm Start

Confirmed speakers include:

Karl Smith, A. Athanassiades, G.D. Fowler (all Imperial) and Martyn Bennett (ARTIS) - Ultra high pressure water tyre disassembly.

In collaboration with three other companies, ARTIS are working with Imperial College London (ICL) to harness Ultra High Pressure Water (UHPW) technology as a means of producing fine rubber crumb (0.75 μm - 5 mm) from waste tyres.  This presentation will introduce the UHPW concept and then outline the approach taken to optimise its application for waste tyre disassembly.  A full description of the semi-automated testing rig installed at IC will be given and the factors that affect the process’s efficiency will be delineated.

Bob Kind (Polymer Recyclers) - The economics of rubber recycling

The presentaion will show a breakdown of the costs of manufacture for Polymer Recylers 'ReTern' product and how this compares with just adding crumb rubber to a tyre tread compound; the practical implications on both properties and processing that the addition makes and the affect of increasing raw material prices. Recycled butyl from tyre curing bladders can be treated in a similar way and a costing model will be shown for this process.

Jeffrey Savage & Quentin Hartley (HSPolymer Reprocessing Ltd) - Reprocessing of High Value Polymeric Materials for Re-incorporation into High Performance Applications

It has long been considered the case that once a polymeric material has been “cured” or “vulcanized” into its shape then it can not be transformed back into its original pre-cured state. Rubber parts are therefore not recyclable. This is, however, one of the rubber industries myths.

Robin Pegdon (Envirogen) presented by Sally Beken (Materials KTN) - A Brave New World: 'Evergreen' Elastomers "Designed for Life after Death"

A novel yet proven surface activation deposition technology now offers a new breakthrough compounding solution for the rubber and plastics industry. This breakthrough technology can be utilise with either virgin feedstock sources to improve mechanical and technical properties or to convert end of life waste streams to produce new hybrid compounds. These Eco hybrid compounds offer new solutions to meet climate and sustainability issues that are becoming increasingly important.

4:15pm Coffee

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1 Carlton House Terrace
United Kingdom
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