Art and Microscopy

The two cultures, art and science, came together at a one-day meeting entitled 'Art and Microscopy', held by the Royal Microscopical Society on 29 November 2005. Rupal Mehta explores the forms of microscopy, such as polarising light, Raman and X-ray, used in the analysis of paintings, pigment, paint sample, cross section, fingerprint, and materials characterisation.

Composite project requires industrial partner

The Centre for Sustainable Engineering, in Peterborough, UK, and a university collaborator are seeking end-users from industry to collaborate on a project to develop a versatile, high performance novel composite material, suitable for a range of applications including packaging and vehicle panels.

Digging your way out of a problem

The Palabora copper mine in South Africa is using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry to monitor ground subsidence. The engineering firm AMEC, working with the European Space Agency, tested the new technique, in which multiple satellite images of the same site can be combined to highlight slight changes in surface elevation.

Drilling results

The training benefits and positive experience gained by companies employing the Land Drilling NVQ are described. The NVQ is a properly structured training program that takes place on site and looks at health and safety and best practice.

Interactive materials

Materials Interactive is a CD-ROM resource tool covering subjects ranging from cameras and drinks bottles to football boots. Aimed at 14-19 year-old students, the package can be used by teachers and professionals to promote materials science, or by students to learn about the diverse fields affected by materials science.