Materials Literature Review Prize winner

This year’s Materials Literature Review Prize has been awarded to Yi Zhang, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge.

Edinburgh Academy hosts SMART.mat workshop

Edinburgh Academy hosted a SMART.mat, the ‘smart’ technology group within the Materials KTN, workshop in late June.

Flame-retardant polymer

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, have created a flame-retardant synthetic polymer that does not require conventional and potentially harmful halogen additives. The team aims to apply the material in the interior of aircraft and ships.

Safety films for batteries

Electrode separators made from porous polymers that help prevent lithium-ion batteries from exploding at high temperatures have been created by Tonen Chemical Corporation, in Japan. This could help use of batteries in hyybrid and electric vehicles.

Mouldable metals' created using nanocrystals

A method of assembling metal nanoparticles into a clay-like structure that can be moulded and fired has been developed by researchers at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA. Paternal applications include flexible electronics.