Copper's antimicrobial properties could be employed to create hygienic surfaces in hospitals, such as doors, door knobs, counter tops and bed rails. Image: Nick Yarsley

Antimicrobial properties of copper

Recent research at the University of Southampton, UK, has shown that copper surfaces could help to prevent the spread of Influenza A viruses that cause seasonal and epidemic flu infections. Ongoing research has proved the significant antimicrobial effects of copper and its alloys.

Faraday Plastics continues following RAPRA administration

The administration of RAPRA should not affect the networking services offered to the plastics and polymer community by Faraday Plastics, a node of the Materials KTN.

Materials Innovation and Growth Team final report

The Materials Innovation and Growth Team had been given the responsibility for finding a UK materials strategy with 10-to-20 year horizons. The final report was presented at a meeting on 8 March 2006. Actions proposed include greater efficiency within the whole materials industry is to be achieved through activities such as the Materials KTN, the promotion of best practice, sector technology roadmaps, and a lifecycle analysis database, which will be known as the Materials Property Validation Centre (MPVC).

Automated underground waste disposal

Developed by Envac Centralsug in Sweden, the automated underground waste disposal system uses pressure suction. Refuse is deposited into an inlet an, when full, the bags fall by gravity into a network of pipes and are sucked into collection stations. The refuse falls into a compactor for packaging into a sealed container.

Review of the London Materials Society Schools Event held on 9 March 2006

The event at The Wallace Collection was attended by 32 students and four teachers. The collection bequeathed to the nation by Lady Wallace, widow of Sir Richard Wallace, in 1897 is one of the finest and largest collections of works of art presented to any nation by a private individual. The collection holds furniture, sculpture, porcelain and paintings especially 17th and 18th century French paintings as well as a famous collection of European and Oriental armour.