Moss on the roof

A holiday home in Norway clad in different materials combines functionality with the comfort of an evening in front of the fire. Ines Nastali reports.

Get talking: Plastics in crisis – a self-made situation

Ian Davis, Chairman of the Institute’s Packaging Society speaks about how the evolution of supermarkets helped to create the plastics debacle, and the role they can play to set it right.

Olives for construction

Olive stones can be used as a lightweight aggregate for mortar, as Ellis Davies reports.

Critical supplies

The pressure on resources, such as lithium and cobalt, used in lithium-ion batteries is rising. Kathryn Allen examines how this will impact ability to source these materials.

Solar efficiency in Norway

Eivind Johannes Øvrelid talks to Khai Trung Le on work to determine how efficient solar cells can operate in rain and snow.