Making a new nickel

The cost of manufacturing coins now outstrips their actual value. Is developing new alloys the solution? Khai Trung Le talks to Eric Lass on his recent work redesigning the US nickel.

Alchemy and materials science

Khai Trung Le explores the strands between alchemy, religion, and materials science.

A future for Wales

Wales is the most EU funded region – per head – in the UK, but has historically been overlooked by the UK government for research and innovation funding. With the Brexit result still uncertain, Ellis Davies takes a look at the Welsh government’s plan for the future of research and innovation in Wales.

Shedloads of data

Columnist Fred Starr shares his thoughts about where to store his legacy, his own materials engineering library.

Get talking: Changing the way we manufacture

As we progress from a society of mass production to mass customisation, additive manufacturing is contributing greatly to this trend. Haim Levi, VP Manufacturing and Defence markets at solution provider XJet, looks at why this technology is gaining traction in technical ceramics.