Fred Starr recollects: Taken for granted

Fred Starr recollects who of his line managers formed him most and how he handled not being respected in the workplace.

The future of nuclear lies renewable success

As more and more countries persist with the shift away from nuclear, the sector may find an unlikely ally in renewable energy. Khai Trung Le talks to Audun Botterud on the promise of flexible nuclear.

Underwater treasure

A potentially game changing deposit of rare earth elements has been discovered in Japanese waters, but an efficient means of extraction is yet to be developed, as Ellis Davies reports.

The value of dematerialisation

Dematerialisation – the reduction of materials in products and services – may become a key tenet in the circular economy. But how do you define it, and how can materials science and industry benefit? Khai Trung Le reports.

Caffeine kick for polymer gels

New polymer gels, catalysed with caffeine, could be used for drug delivery. Kathryn Allen reports.