Chinese delegation visits IOM3 London Headquarters

The Institute recently welcomed delegates from the Industry and Information Commission of Gansu Province in Northern China at the London office

BSEE-sponsored report on subsea bolting technology released

Strategies for improving the reliability of bolts used in offshore oil and gas drilling rig

Materials Innovation at MRE2018

The Materials Research Exchange & Investor Showcase ( MRE2018) was held at the Business Design Centre in London on 12-13 March. I n supporting this two-day event, IOM3 provided prizes for the student posters generated for the event.

UBS Study on Make-Up of an Electric Vehicle

UBS Evidence Lab Electric Car Teardown – Disruption Ahead? A report prepared by UBS Limited on tearing down the world's first mass-market electric car.

UNEP Guidance for Organisational Life Cycle Assessment

Under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) several methodologies, tools and techniques have been developed for organisations to assess the environmental performance of their goods and services, as a step toward improvement.