Hidden superconductivity revealed

A hidden state of superconductivity has been discovered, taking research a step closer to the design of superconductors at room temperature. Kathryn Allen reports.

O&G earthquakes blight southern Kansas

Justin Rubinstein talks to Khai Trung Le about the study of Kansas earthquakes induced from oil and gas wastewater disposal.

Diamond anvils lead to first chemical reactions by mechanical pressure

The use of diamond molecular anvils in the first chemical reactions by mechanical pressure could lead to a new field of mechanosynthesis. Khai Trung Le reports.

Diving into nuclear ponds

Khai Trung Le talks to Steve Franks on the use of scuba divers to clear the Sizewell A nuclear fuel storage pond.

Screening for pesticides using magnetic nanoparticles

The use of magnetic nanoparticles to extract synthetic pesticides can reduce the screening process by four hours. Khai Trung Le talks to Assistant Professor Yang Hongshun about his team’s new method.