Material solutions key to tackling an ageing population, natural disasters and terrorism

14 Jun 2017
Materials Protecting Society

A key challenge today is to deliver quality solutions that are sustainable and which protect and improve the quality of life for all citizens now and in the future. 

Critically there is a need for rapid innovation and world class research, but there is also a need for the materials sectors to be more aware of societal needs and for customers and users to be more aware of the potential offerings of the material’s related industries. 

In recognition of this, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining is organising a series of seminars entitled Materials Protecting Society, which will focus on the role of materials in society to help meet current challenges.

The seminar series will explore material solutions and engineering opportunities to respond to modern-day challenges such as terrorism, natural disasters, climate change and an ageing population.

Talks will be aligned to the Government’s recently launched Industrial Strategy and will include how the sectors of manufacturing, construction, transport, health, environment, resource efficiency will feature in working towards solutions.

The launch event will take place in London on 20 September 2017. Keynote speakers will focus on the role of materials in protecting people, protecting the environment, developing resilient infrastructure and protecting our future. The launch event will be followed by a series of one day events, over the next two years, to discuss these topics in greater detail. 

Materials Protecting Society will bring together managers, technologists, researchers and engineers who have a vested interest in finding workable solutions and who would like a wider understanding of how their roles and their knowledge might contribute towards success.

Materials Protecting Society Seminar Series is organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the Industry and Technology Policy Board of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.  

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