Blowout Prevention System Events and Equipment Component Failures

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which has been designated as the data repository for BSEE, has published its first report on “Blowout Prevention System Events and Equipment Component Failures.” The 2016 report, which includes data required to be reported by the Well Control Rule, covers the period when the rule went into effect on 28th July to 31st December, 2016.

Where’s the next generation of packaging technologists?

At the Packaging Innovations 2017 event, held at Olympia, London, from 13-14 September, a range of companies and people gathered to dissect the latest developments in the industry. However, there was also a focus on the future, as Gary Peters reports.

Shaping young minds

Dr Andrew Russell argues that personal mentoring for young engineering graduates is fundamental to foster their careers.

Oil & gas inspections with Hadron Collider robots

Ross Robotics’ Philip Norman and Nick McCormick talk to Khai Trung Le about their collaborative modular robotics and imaging inspection system.

One injection, many doses

A new 3D fabrication method could allow polymer microparticles to administer multiple drug doses from just one injection.