Lasers used to modify wood

Ellis Davies reports on a boost in funding to improve wood modification with lasers.

EU delays recycling process, trade association claims

Although scientific opinions confirm that recycled plastic is safe to use for food packaging, the EU delays publication of an official framework, trade association European Plastics Converters claims.

Plastics from flue gas

Research project will look at using flue gas from the steel industry to produce plastics.

Haydale, ARTIS and Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions Set to Collaborate on New R&D Project

Haydale, ARTIS, part of Avon Rubber Plc, and Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions are pleased to announce that they are to embark on a two-year research and development project.

Wood Technology Society at the Weald Wood Fair

Wood Technology Society attended the Weald Wood Fair