Student Starpack 2018: Call for entries

Nominations for the Student Starpack awards for 2018 are now open.
Materials Protecting Society

Material solutions key to tackling an ageing population, natural disasters and terrorism

A key challenge today is to deliver quality solutions that are sustainable and which protect and improve the quality of life for all citizens now and in the future.


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History of Çatalhöyük metallurgy challenged

For decades, the Anatolia heritage site has been considered the birthplace of metallurgy. But a recent study asserts that the 8,500 year-old burial site may have been the site of an accidental firing rather than a systematic attempt to make metal from ore. Khai Trung Le talks to Dr Miljana Radivojević and Professor Thilo Rehren about their seven-year study.

Carbon nanotube yarns produce electricity when stretched

Electricity-producing carbon nanotube yarns could have such wide-ranging applications, from flexible electronics to capturing energy from the ocean waves. But the technology and application is still in its infancy. Khai Trung Le talks to Dr Carter Haines on its creation and immediate future.