An end to harmful metals emissions?

Professor Donald Sadoway speaks to Khai Trung Le on the happenchance discovery of a new form of metal-via-electrolysis that may revolutionise the metals production process

Milk proteins enable edible packaging

An edible, single-use packaging film produced from casein is reportedly 250 times better at protecting foodstuffs from oxygen exposure than regular plastic

Sandwiching energy storage success

The transition from 2D nanocomposite films to 3D sandwich structures has enabled more efficient energy storage materials

Port Talbot works return to profit

Having announced daily losses of £1 million earlier in the year, Tata Steel’s Port Talbot steelworks returned to profit in June

An interview with Professor Jason Love on gold recovery from electronics

Hundreds of tonnes of gold could be recovered from old electronic devices every year thanks to new research at the University of Edinburgh, UK