Reinventing the mirror for the CubeSat telescope

The CubeSat programme continues to strive for affordable access to space with new nanotube optics. Ellis Davies reports

New flywheel system developed by UK-based engineering student

Natalie Daniels speaks to Abigail Carson about developing an energy storage system – its design and plans for its commercialisation.

Engineered ‘sand’ to cool electronic devices

Researchers develop a new material formed of silicon dioxide nanoparticles coated with a high dielectric constant polymer that resembles sand

Materials in medicine

Ellis Davies looks at the recent developments made in medical materials

Solar crystal breaks theoretical limit

Almost 50 years after discovering the ‘bulk photovoltaic effect’, the inventor of the photocopier is helping an international research team harness the effect of crystal symmetry on photovoltaic conversion for practical use in nanomaterials.