Viewpoint: Is materials science in your DNA? - advanced and adaptive materials for health

Advanced and adaptive materials might be the route to more active means of combatting disease, as new uses and developments are uncovered in regenerative medicine

To mine the sky - harvesting materials from asteroids

Asteroids are full of valuable deposits. One space mining company is already working on a plan to harvest them

Copy and nanopaste - bioactive bone filler

Researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, have developed a bioactive nanopaste from seashells that can be injected into bone defects

Hydrogen and seek - SUPERGEN briefing on fuel cell development

How well developed is the UK’s sustainable hydrogen industry? Eoin Redahan took the issue to London’s City Hall.

Notes from a corrosive environment - combatting metal corrosion

How do you protect your metals against that gnawing feeling? Materials World reports from Corrosion of Infrastructure: Present Knowledge and Future Solutions, held in London, UK