Optical images of above-ground detection using the film show soil with and without buried 2,4-DNT.

Sensing trouble - landmine and explosives detection

A chemical sensing system has been developed to detect vapours released by landmines and other explosive devices at parts-per-trillion concentrations.

How to grow your own nacre

Artificial mother of pearl has been synthesised by researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Material of the month - stainless steel

Maria Felice examines the history and many applications of this diverse alloy.

Thermal processes heat up

Specialist equipment for thermal processing is improving performance in a range of applications.
Chris Fowler

Q&A - Chris Fowler, Exova

Dr Chris Fowler, Technical Director of Corrosion and Protection at global testing group Exova, talks to Materials World about exciting new developments in corrosion management and how businesses can improve profitability.