printed circuit on test-tube

Inking a silver solution - particle-free ink for printed electronics

A particle-free silver ink for printed electronics applications may have several advantages over conventional inks.

Laser cooling of semiconductors

Scientists have discovered a unique and counterintuitive method of cooling semiconductors by heating a semiconductor membrane using a laser.
pile of discarded white goods in landfill

Materials deficiency - the state of world material usage

The Royal Society’s materials efficiency conference, held in London, UK, on 31 January, took stock of world material usage and highlighted in sobering fashion the lack of cohesive progress made towards true sustainability.
factory chimney

Emission impossible? Carbon capture and storage event report

Amid flurries of hot air and gas leaks, delegates at a carbon capture and storage event at the Royal Society in London on 7 February plotted a way forward for the beleaguered industry.

Flooding the system - improved flood simulation technology

A Norwegian research team at SINTEF ICT in Oslo claims to have developed a shallow water simulator that is up to 400 times faster than existing computing methods.