Young People's Event

Young People's Event at 1CHT with Michigan State University
Mixed plastics recycling at Biffa Polymers, Redcar facility, UK. Image courtesy of Biffa

Making the most of a mixed bag - mixed plastics packaging recycling

Europe’s first fully integrated mixed plastics packaging recycling facility in Redcar, UK, looks to sort out a sustainable future for industry.

A degradable polymer to replace PLA?

A polymer that could replace PLA and lead to more degradable plastic bags is being spearheaded by chemists at the University of Florida, USA.

Odour to a sensing scale

A novel scaling system has been developed to evaluate off-odours in fluid food packs with headspace.

Apple films fight germs

A group of researchers from the University of Arizona, USA, has created a film from apple purée. As well as being edible, they claim the film could also offer food safety benefits.