The patented M series mill from International Innovative Technology, Gateshead, UK

Run of the dry mill

A compact solution for energy-efficient dry milling could turn industrial by-products that had previously been considered waste into commercial products, says a UK firm.

Advances in self-healing polymers and composites

A major critical review covering the latest developments in self-healing polymers and composites has recently appeared as an open access article in International Materials Reviews . Authored by leading authority Mike Kessler and Tim Mauldin of Iowa State University, the review surveys the systems developed to allow self-healing and the progress in implementing these systems in real applications.

SMEA Travel Awards - Applications

Applications are invited to the SMEA's Travel Awards

SMEA Annual Guest Night

The SMEA Annual Guest night is to the Sheffield Assay Office

National Lecture Competition

Young presenters battle it out in the Regional Heat of the IOM3 National Lecture Competition.