News Release: Nuclear Industry Association

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) has welcomed government’s decision to offer financial support to Sheffield Forgemasters as “a most reassuring sign of commitment at the highest level to supporting UK industry”.

UK Government supports low carbon automotives

The UK Government is supporting Ford and Nissan in the development of low carbon vehicles.

Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) launch, December 2009

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) led by the University of Sheffield with Rolls-Royce and supported by the University of Manchester will be based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield.
 Innventia’s mechano-active packaging responds to heat, moisture and electrical stimulation

Motion control – mechano-active packaging

Motion-controlled mechano-active packaging could soon be available, says paper R&D firm Innventia, based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Nacre structure improves packaging barrier properties

Liquid crystals for improved shelf life

Developments in the structure and movement of liquid crystals may result in more effective sealant properties that prolong shelf life.