A roll-to-roll laboratory printing machine for plastic electronics. Image courtesy of PolyIC

Polymer progress in electronics

The Transistors on Plastics event, held in Cambridge, UK, from 24-25 February, brought together delegates to discuss the latest developments in this field.

Tough stuff - titanium takes on TRIP steel?

Forming a martensite phase in beta titanium alloys could achieve toughness properties similar to transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steels, say researchers in The Netherlands.

Thermoelectric efficiency explored

A UK-based scientist is exploring low temperature solvothermal synthesis in an attempt to create materials with improved thermoelectric efficiency for power generation and cooling in electronics.

Smart detection of corrosion

Researchers in the USA are developing a smart coating to enable early detection of rust or corrosion in metals.
Ecosheet being used on a construction site

Mixed plastic plyboard

A reusable construction board made from recycled mixed plastics is on offer from 2K Manufacturing, based in London, UK. The company is using a powder impression moulding (PIM) technology to process up to seven waste polymers into one, and the plyboard can also be broken down and re-moulded at the end of its lifecycle.