A single-crystal diamond detector in the p-type

Novel detectors for the age of fusion

Researchers in Italy are using neutron detectors made from synthetic diamond in nuclear fusion experiments. Synthetic single-crystal diamond-based detectors offer high radiation hardness, band-gap, carrier mobility and breakdown voltage, and a low atomic number.

Improving manufacturing efficiency

With industries feeling the pinch from the economic downturn and increased energy prices, now is the time to introduce cost-saving measures.
An animated cartoon projected by a 635nm laser onto a flexible plastic screen

Organic, flexible displays

A prototype organic upconversion display panel that is transparent and bendable has been developed by researchers in Germany. This technology could be used to create digital newspapers, rollable television screens or ultra-lightweight laptops.

Natural fibres for composites

A UK consortium has announced the development of its first generation of high performance composites made from natural renewable fibres such as hemp and flax, with polypropylene and polylactic acid. The COMBINE project could help create more environmentally friendly structural components in the transport, medical and construction sectors, say researchers.

Adding surface value to composites

Applying surface-enhancing coatings to carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) using thermal spray techniques is the focus of research at TWI in Great Abington, UK. This could extend the use of these materials in high temperature or corrosive environments.