Man at computer

Global laboratory allows remote access to materials analysis equipment

Researchers at Imperial College, London, UK, can remotely operate the aberration-corrected electron microscope at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, while teams at Oak Ridge and the Georgia Institute of Technology can use Imperial's nuclear magnetic resonance facility. The Global Lab is part of a joint venture between Imperial, Georgia, and Oak Ridge to investigate future energy solutions.
Packet nutritional label

Informative packaging helps consumers understand nutrition?

UK Retailers have developed conflicting voluntary front-of-pack nutritional labelling systems that they claim enable customers to make healthier food choices more quickly. Organisations such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA), with Sainsbury's and Waitrose, support colour-coded signposting, while manufacturers such as Danone and Kellogg's have joined forces with Tesco and Morrisons, to promote the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) label scheme. An independent Project Management Panel (PMP) intends to review research results and adopt the most effective system.
Barrier along road

Corus launches roadside restraint systems

International steel company Corus has launched a new range of roadside restraint systems that it claims exceeds the performance levels and test criteria stipulated by the European EN1317 standard. The hot-dip-galvanised rectangular hollow tubular steel sections are designed to reduce the severity of vehicle road accidents.