Brexit images

CIE/CSI Prestigious Lecture

"The Effect of Brexit on Innovation" was discussed by Dr Geoff Archer, Head of Knowledge Exchange, Department of Academic Enterprise at the University of Durham, and Mr Christopher McDonald, CEO of the Materials Processing Institute in Middlesbrough.

carboniferous prospect in southern North Sea

BP have announced that drilling has commenced on a potential carboniferous gas play in southern North Sea block 43/26a that, if successful, could open up a new phase of development in the region.

OGIC Review 2014-2016

The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) have published a review highlighting their achievements in the two years since their launch.

Oil and gas industry has ‘cleared the first hurdle’ in collaboration drive, survey shows

A new survey by Oil & Gas UK and Deloitte has shown that 98% of oil and gas operators and suppliers believe that collaboration is “crucial” to their future success.

New Access Capabilities for Members

By the start of 2017, all IOM3 members, at all grades, will have access to almost 80 additional journal titles in the Taylor & Francis materials science collection, providing a threefold increase in available journal content.