National Materials and Mining Archive

Members - the library's there for you!

Non-members - you're welcome too, for reference (though not  borrowing, and if you're not a student or historian we may charge a visitor's fee). As well as books, there are conference proceedings, mining journals, rubber reports, maps, copper statistics, all sorts of valuable information... do get in touch to find out more about the London service point and Grantham libraries.

Opening times

Our Grantham libraries and Information service point in London are open during office hours Monday to Friday.

To make sure staff (and access to the library material you require in Grantham) will be available, call first to make an appointment.
Contact us using our online enquiry form or phone: 

Hilda Kaune:      020 7451 7360 (materials);
Frances Perry:   020 7451 7324 (minerals and mining).

What can we do for you?

Sometimes free, sometimes at a charge that frees up your time, we can:   

  • Lend you books (and some reports, maps etc.);
  • Photocopy articles and papers;
  • Help answer general enquiries, or provide a referral service;
  • Compile reference lists in some subjects, or advise where else to try;
  • Show you how to check what's in the mining library from your desktop or tablet - on IMMAGE database;
  • Tell you what's new in the mining library via IMM Abstracts;
  • Compile data or statistics for you;
  • Let you set up your own alerts on IMMAGE;
  • Try to answer all your questions about the history of materials, mining and the Institute!

Do discuss the topic with us to get the best from literature searches, data compilation or email alerting.

To find out more...

Just ring, email, or scroll on down for details/links and/or send us your query via the online enquiry form: 

Searching for yourself - IMMAGE reference database

(Information on Mining, Metallurgy and Geological Exploration)

IMMAGE is unique. For the minerals and mining industry, it tells you what's in hundreds of international minerals industry publications and lets you request them online. Subscribers can set up alerts or there's a quarterly printed update, IMM Abstracts. IMMAGE Online can be checked in the library and if you're a member, it's free as a member benefit.

Borrowing books

If you're a member and live in the UK or EU, we'll lend you most things from the library including reports and maps. We do charge postage, plus a nominal amount per item to cover handling.

Photocopying papers

So long as it's allowed under copyright law, we can photocopy most IMMAGE references for you, papers from old Institute journals or sections from books on materials science.   

What journals and series do we have on Minerals and Mining?

Here's the full list of what's available for photocopying or loan (or for offline subject searches 1894-1979 - do ask!)

Download serials holding list (Excel spreadsheet 909k)

Which Packaging journals do we hold?

Here's a list of all the packaging journals and magazines currently available at our Grantham Centre - for photocopies, use the order form in the right.

Download serials holding list (Excel spreadsheet 48k)

What about journals on Materials?

On materials, we only have the past and present technical journals and magazines published by the Institute. Here's the list of current technical titles - IOM3 members, use the member log-in for online access (mostly from 1999 onwards). Order articles from pre-IOM3 journals as photocopies from the Library. I'm afraid we don't keep serials published by other publishers.

Literature searches

Looking through specialised databases of technical articles is a quick and effective way of scanning worldwide information. Most searches give you a comprehensive list of references that include details of the original publication and an informative abstract. Here in the Library, we can advise you on databases covering materials science and engineering. If you wish us to do a literature search a fee will apply.

Data compilation

For minerals industry enquirers in particular, we can also compile statistics, company information and production figures from published sources.


You may acquire British and worldwide standards online from the BSI - BSI Catalogue.

For more information on any of the above, please use our online enquiry form