Engineering Design of the Geotechnical Disposal Facility for the UK

5 Mar 2018

Western Institute of Mining & Minerals Lecture

Steve Majhu - Associate Director, WSP

Neil Carr - Radioactive Waste Management

Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) has been established as the delivery organisation responsible for implementation of a safe, sustainable and publicly acceptable programme for geological disposal of the UK's higher activity waste.

In order to progress the programme for geological disposal in the absence of a specific site, RWM has developed generic transport system and disposal facility designs.

This presentation provides an overview of the updated 2016 design and describes the processes of transport, construction, waste package receipt, handling and emplacement and the design characteristics that the disposal facility will need to include for the waste inventory. The paper provides examples of the approach to ensure confidence in safety over the GDF lifecycle and discusses the challenges in the design, construction and operation of a nationally significant infrastructure project with a scheduled waste disposal of more than 150 years. The paper also identifies the skills and manpower requirements to construct, operate and close the disposal facility. The paper also presents design options which have been developed to understand the range of potential solutions for the surface facilities to support future engagement with host communities and how the design can be developed to bring lasting benefits to a host community and its neighbours.

This paper is intended to provide information to a wide range of interested parties on the work that has been undertaken in the UK to develop designs for geological disposal of radioactive waste and how we have developed options to recognise community benefits to support the siting process and stakeholder engagement.


7.00pm followed by a buffet supper

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