Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Division annual reports

Annual reports for previous years are available for download at the end of the page


  1. Board membership

    In 2016 the Board welcomed Dr Gawen Jenkins of Leicester University.

    Stephen Barnett and Angus Morrison left the Board due to other commitments during the year and the Division thanks them for their service.

    There are 11 directors serving on the MP&EM Board, all members of IOM3. They are:

    Tony Francis (TF), Chairman – Independent Consultant, FMC Ltd

    Professor Hylke Glass (HG), Vice Chairman – CSM, Exeter University

    Michael Brooks (MJB) – Independent Consultant

    Dr Mike Butler (MB) – Director Mining & Minerals (Europe), Jacobs

    Mike Cave (MC) – Independent Consultant, Mike Cave Pyro Ltd

    Emma Hosking (EH) – Senior Process Engineer, Jacobs

    Dr Gawen Jenkins – Senior Lecturer in Applied Geology, Leicester University

    Dr R Vasant Kumar (VK) – University of Cambridge

    David Meadows (DM) - Global Manager of Metallurgy, Mining & Metals, Bechtel

    Professor John Monhemius (JM) – Director, Anglo Asian Mining Plc

    Professor Stephen Neethling (SN) – RSM, Imperial College


  2. Board meetings

    Three Board meetings were held during 2016 all at the London offices of IOM3, 297 Euston Road. The meeting of 28 January was attended by 6 members of the Board. The second meeting on 26 May was attended by 8 Board members. The third Board meeting of the year was convened on September 29 and had 7 Board members in attendance. Board members proceeded to the IMMa meetings which immediately followed that of the MP&EM Board.


  3. Activities during2016


    1. Technical programme

      The major technical activity of the Board during the year was the successful Conference “Emerging Trends in Minerals Engineering” held at the London HQ of IOM3, 297 Euston Road over December 12 -13. The Conference was fully subscribed and attended by delegates from all over the world. Sponsorship was provided by Anglo Asian Mining and Behre Dolbear International. There were 24 papers of outstanding quality presented by leaders in the field and 2 poster displays. The Conference was opened by Professor Stephen Neethling of Imperial College who put the programme together and Tony Francis, Chair of the MP&EM Board. The key-note presentation was given by Professor Sam Kingman of Nottingham University on the use of micro-waves in minerals processing. There followed 23 high quality papers in 7 sessions over the 2 days. The subjects covered were varied and included the latest developments in geometallurgy, flotation, leaching, grinding, gravity methods, mineralogy, Carbon Capture & Storage, analysis, process modelling, plant control and contracting on a range of precious and base metals, diamonds and industrial minerals.  A central theme throughout the Conference was improving process efficiencies through innovation. The list of the presentations is given on the Event web site, ETIMP Programme

      There were 49 delegates from over 10 countries who all contributed to the lively question and answer sessions after each presentation.  The discussions continued during the excellent Conference dinner at 297 Euston Road provided by the IOM3 caterers and enjoyed by all present.


      It is planned to include refereed papers from the Conference in a future edition of the IMM publication Transactions C for Minerals Processing & Extractive Metallurgy. 


      The Board intends to organise a second Geometallurgy Conference in 2017 following on from the success of Geometallurgy2014.


    2. Web-site developments

      The MP&EM web site is kept updated with relevant news items, technical meetings and Conferences. In the last statistics reported for May - October 2016 the MP&EM micro site ranked 13th out of the 44 IOM3 Technical Communities.


      The contents of the current and back issues of the IOM3 technical journal, IMM, Transactions C, representing the MP&EM industries worldwide are available free of charge to members from a link on the MP&EM micro-site, IMM Transactions C. This journal is highly regarded and is edited by Board member Dr. R. Vasant Kumar.


    3. Engagement with technical community and/or local societies

      The Division has developed and issued a newsletter under the editorship of Board member Emma Hosking. The first issue was circulated on 1 October 2015 to registered members. During 2016 a further 3 issues were published and all are posted on the MP&EM web site at MP&EM Newsletter from where they can be downloaded.


      The MP&EM division continued to maintain close cooperation with IMMa, the extractive industries umbrella group and the MinSouth local society.

      Board member Michael Brooks is an active members of the IChemE and keeps the Board updated on matters of commonality.


      The MP&EM Board maintains a keen interest in and liaison with the IOM3 in-house technical library which has an exhaustive collection of books and journals unique in the mining world. The library and the related information services continued to operate well throughout the year and has been moved to a dedicated home at IOM3’s Boiler House offices in Grantham.

      The MP&EM board is a prime mover with IMMa in encouraging a link up of OneMine with the IOM3 library and the IMMAGE database. This is considered to benefit both organisations. The IOM3 executive are pursuing this and some progress is being made.


      Welcome letters to new members of the Division were sent out under the Chairman’s signature by the IOM3 membership department.


      Dr Vasant Kumar reported that he had a contact at the University of Nizwa in Oman in the form of Dr Carsten Schwandt, Professor of Materials Science and Metallurgy. TF has made contact with Professor Schwandt and informed the International Affairs Board with a view to growing membership and provision of accreditation services by IOM3.


    4. Contributions to IOM3 house journals

      The Board contributed an article on its aims, objectives and achievements to the February 2016 issue of Materials World, the voice of the materials, minerals and mining communities. 2 further pieces were published in the August and September editions.


      The MP&EM organised “Emerging Trends in Minerals Engineering” Conference will be reported in a future edition of Materials World.


      The contents of the current and back issues of the IOM3 technical journal, IMM Transactions C, representing the MP&EM industries worldwide are available free of charge to members from a link on the MP&EM micro-sit, refer to section 3.2. The contents of the 4 editions in Volume 125 published during 2016 cover technical activities across the entire spectrum of the MP&EM disciplines in 34 original and refereed papers. This included a special edition exclusively dedicated to the lifetime achievements of the 2011 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Dr Dan Shechtman, Professor at Technion Israel Institute of Technology and at Iowa State University USA presented at the 2014 – Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit (SIPS 2014) and named the Shechtman International Symposium. A second edition focused on iron ore processing.


    5. Other matters


      Sustainability initiatives

      The Board has issued the Divisions Sustainability Statement and posted it under a dedicated tab on the Divisions web site, MP&EM Sustainability.  


      IOM3 has purchased video-conferencing equipment and teleconferencing software but has limited its use mainly to the IOM3 executive. The Board utilised the IOM3 telephone dial-in facility for September’s Board meeting which worked well.


      The unnecessary printing of documents and minutes is discouraged.





      The MP&EM Board divisional brochure is used as a marketing tool at suitable fora. The brochure is on display and available at the IOM3 offices, interested members may request copies to be posted for suitable events such as schools careers days, seminars, work-shops and conferences.


The MP&EM Board made a nomination for the Institute’s 2016 prestigious Futers Gold medal.


  1. Strategy and Objectives for 2017 and Beyond


    1. Opportunities and constraints

      A primary objective of the MP&EM Board and its members is to grow membership of the IOM3 through academic, industrial and personal networking. In this regard the Board has discussed that a medium to long term objective should be to establish relations with the Universities to encourage them to establish post graduate teaching modules or conversion courses catering for the MP&EM disciplines. Preliminary engagement has started. It is appreciated that some Universities have these modules. Unfortunately the impetus has stalled due to the reduced activity in the mining industry as a result of sustained low commodity prices.


      Encourage and facilitate members of suitable standing to upgrade their membership status.


      During the year 117 IOM3 members elected to affiliate to the MP&EM and all Board members and IOM3 staff involved are to be congratulated. The current total membership of the division is 431. Many existing IOM3 members are practicing in the MP&EM disciplines but have not specified divisional affiliation.  Due to the constraints imposed by the Data Protection regulations this is not a simple procedure to effect retrospectively. When such members come to the attention of the Board they are requested to contact the membership department and select the MP&EM discipline. It is hoped that this will be facilitated as members register using the new IOM3 web site which went live in September 2015.


      The Board ensures the interests of the MP&EM community continue to be represented in IOM3 through membership of Council, the ITPB and other agencies.


      The Chairman encourages the MP&EM Board members to be actively engaged in furthering member’s interests and the Institute’s objectives.


      The slow progress by the Institute on progressing the OneMine tie up is considered a constraint to attracting additional new members from the MP&EM discipline to join IOM3. The Board appreciates that that there are constraints over copyright issues, maintaining the IMMAGE database and costs.



    2. Specific targets for 2017

      Arrange another MP&EM event at 297 Euston Road, it is proposed to be Geometallurgy2017, the lead organiser will be Professor Hylke Glass of Exeter University.


      Grow membership, encourage and facilitate members of suitable standing to upgrade their membership status.


      Aim to have at least 50% of the Board members attending meetings and all actively contributing.


      Nominate suitable candidates for the 2018 Futers Gold medal and other relevant awards.


      To arrange a poster display showing the MP&EM discipline when advised by the IOM3 executive.


      Progress the objective to establish relations with the Universities and encourage those that have not done so to set up teaching modules catering for the MP&EM disciplines. No UK Universities currently provide MP&EM as primary undergraduate degree courses, refer to 4.1 earlier.


    3. Specific targets for the 4 years beyond 2017

      A primary objective which is applicable to all years of the MP&EM Board and its members is to grow membership of the IOM3 through academic, industrial and personnel networking. The Board will continue to contribute positively to Institute activities covering the areas described in Section3 above.


      Over the coming years the Board aims to establish relations with the Universities to encourage them to establish post graduate teaching modules catering for the MP&EM disciplines.


      In 2017 it is intended to manage a follow up Conference to Geometallurgy2014 which will be entitled Geometallurgy2017, Professor Glass will again be leading this.


      The MP&EM Board will aim to arrange suitable annual technical Conferences for 2018, 2019 and 2020.


      The MP&EM Board and the IOM3 Conference section presented a provisional bid for hosting the major international Conference “International Minerals Processing Congress” for 2022. This biennial Conference was convened in Quebec for 2016 where the bid was submitted to the organizing committee and added to the short list currently comprising 3 others. The locations for 2018 and 2020 have been awarded to Moscow and Cape Town respectively. The full formal bid will need to be presented at the 2018 Conference. Feedback is awaited from the IOM3 executive whether to proceed. 


      The present Chairman of the MP&EM Board has been in place since May 2011 and a succession plan has been drawn up with Professor Hylke Glass accepting the role of Vice-Chair of the Board.


  2. Other matters







    Appendix: Technical Programme as of December 2016











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SMEET II – Sustainable Materials for Emerging Energy Technology

1 CHT, London








Minerals  for Life – Overcoming Resource Constraints

Edinburgh University

Mineralogical Society with MP&EM reps

Mineralogical Society



11-12 June 2014



1 CHT, London






15-16 December 2015


Minerals and Metals from Mine to Market

Trinity Hall, Cambridge University








Emerging Trends in Minerals Engineering

297ER, London