Matheus Santos - Brazil

Insights on the optimization of the steel ladle process from a refractory perspective

The modernisation of metallurgical processes such as steelmaking, is intrinsically related to its vessel linings and process control. Refractories are the material commonly applied on the lining because they can withstand the aggressive environment of steelmaking. Monitoring and control have recently showed their importance to general steelmakers, but there is still much information to be explored.

In this context, understanding and predicting the thermal and energy condition of the metallurgical process is a first step in modelling and designing tools to help the identification of the best lining for production solutions. Indeed, optimising steel ladle linings can significantly change the operational conditions, safety, energy consumption, productivity and costs of the process. The study aims to highlight scenarios in which the refractory lining advances the steel ladle operation, according to numerical simulation results for different lining materials and layer thickness.

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