• A licence for cobalt

    Cobalt Blue Holdings expands it's resources in Cameroon, as Ellis Davies reports.
  • Fracking has been the target of protests.

    Fracking industry could be ‘unviable’

    Doubts have been raised as to the viability of the UK’s fracking industry, following the government’s refusal to release an internal report.
  • An aerial view of Ward's new deep sea export terminal

    New dock for scrap metal export

    Waste management company Ward is opening a deep sea export dock at Immingham to expand its metal export business.
  • Calling time at IOM3

    Dr Bernie Rickinson, IOM3 Chief Executive, has confirmed to Trustees and the principal boards of the Institute his intent to retire from the Institute at the end of 2018.
  • Fred Starr recollects: unforgotten and unforgiven

    Fred Starr recollects his first endeavour with a combined cycle gas turbine.
  • The rise and fall of Mexican oil and gas

    After 75 years of state activity, Mexico opens its door to outside involvement in the country’s oil and gas sector to shore up the diminishing sector. But with a forthcoming election, how sustainable are the reforms? Khai Trung Le reports.
  • Digitised finance

    Why is the construction industry still working with paper versions of vital documents in the digital era, asks Simon Streat, Vice President Product Strategy at digital trade expert Bolero International, UK
  • Wood competes with metals

    A new process turns any wood into a material competitive with titanium, researchers claim. Ellis Davies investigates.
  • The road to recovery

    In recent months, events concerning UK steel have warranted re-examination of, what the government is calling, a vital industry. Ellis Davies investigates what they could mean for the future.
  • The value of science

    Ellis Davies looks into science and research in Italy, and why it has taken a political backseat.