Fred Starr recollects: waters of destruction

Fred Starr puts the UK’s burst water mains into perspective, recounting his experience with dirty water in Pakistan.

Get talking: Fracking – a lesson in bad PR?

Mike Turner CEng FIMMM and Dr Andrew Sturgeon CEng FIMMM, Chair of the IOM3 Oil and Gas Division, give their thoughts on how fracking has been communicated to the public. 

Fred Starr recollects: Brief Encounter

Fred Starr recalls his efforts to discuss metal dusting in 1997 and how they were sabotaged 

Get talking: energy from waste

Allan Childs proposes we shift focus from new nuclear to energy from waste.

Opinion: publish or perish?

Dr Paul Coxon reflects on a recent Royal Society paper discussing poor scientific practices.

HGVs v cyclists

Mark Godden looks at how responsibility for the safety of HGVs extends from the quarry to drivers and cyclists

Fred Starr recollects: real science fiction

Fred Starr pleads with the nuclear establishment to get over its fixation with the pressurised water reactor

Fred Starr recollects the Brexit vote

Fred Starr recollects…

Supporting steel industries

Blaise Kelly offers his opinion on how governments can best support their steel industries. 

Mark Godden discusses preventing workplace exposure for respirable crystalline silica

Mark Godden looks at the regulatory methods for preventing workplace exposure to respirable crystalline silica.