October trials for Bloodhound SSC

Materials World magazine
3 Jul 2017

Despite delays to its land speed record attempt, the Bloodhound SSC will see first track tests in October 2017.

The Bloodhound SSC will begin a series of ‘slow speed’ trials at Newquay airport, UK, in what will be the team’s first track tests. Set to take place on 26 October 2017, the tests will see the Bloodhound reach 200mph using its Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine on the 2,744m runway. Initial tests will look to evaluate how air enters the jet intake at slow speed, examine the power unit performance and assess the electronics of the vehicle.

Chief Engineer Mark Chapman commented, ‘It will be a big emotional moment for the team. We’ve gone from a computer design to an actual thing that will move down the runway. It will be a huge validation for the people who’ve stood by us all these years.’ Although access on 26 October will be restricted,
a public day of running will take place on Saturday
28 October.

The Bloodhound team was originally scheduled to attempt the land speed record in October, but this was postponed in March, with Project Director Richard Noble stating, ‘Our pace of development has been pegged to the flow of funding.’

The track days will also be pilot Andy Green’s first experience away from computer simulations to behind the wheel of the Bloodhound. Green first achieved the current land speed record of 763mph on 15 October 1997 with the Thrust SSC, the first land speed vehicle to officially break the sound barrier.