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  • Spotlight – Additive Manufacturing

    Gary Taylor, Regional Manager at additive manufacturing service provider EOS UK and Ireland, explains the transformative nature of additive manufacturing.

  • Material Marvels: Tame the river

    In the 1930s, during a time of global depression, the Hoover Dam project brings work to the western American states and valuable lessons for future dam engineering. Ines Nastali reports.

  • Let’s get technical

    Kathryn Allen looks at how the apprenticeship levy is shaping UK investment in technical education.


  • Q&A – Peter Winebloom

    Kathryn Allen talks to Peter Winebloom, Technical Training Director at EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation, UK, about his career to date, technical training and the apprenticeship levy.

  • Spotlight – A snapshot of additive manufacturing

    Dr Martin Baumers, Assistant Professor of Additive Manufacturing Management at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, UK, takes a look at the industry and the materials it uses.

  • Six mistakes to avoid when tempering glass

    Sami Kelin, Product Manager at Glaston, Finland, explains some common mistakes made in the tempering of glass. 

  • Material marvels: The birth of the Shinkansen

    The Shinkansen, or bullet train as it is affectionately known, redefined rail transport. Making its debut in the 1960s, it presaged a new era of high-speed travel, transforming not just its host country Japan, but also the wider region and the world. Gary Peters reports.

  • Exploring injection moulding

    Sara Cammarano, Senior Industrial Issues Executive at the British Plastics Federation, gives an overview of injection moulding.

  • Technical vs. personal skills

    David Cartwright* says developing personal skills is mandatory when wanting to step into leadership positions in engineering.

  • Testing leadership skills

    Ian Bowbrick* offers an insight into assessment centres and the leadership skills assessors are looking for in engineers.