Product Quality Assurance Engineer - Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd, Bridgnorth

Job description

Job purpose: To ensure that the required product quality, consistency and technology is achieved and developed for the assigned manufacturing area. To assist in the achievement of key KPIs, and to work with all available resources in a positive, inclusive and continually improving environment embedding the quality management system into the process.

Main tasks & responsibilities

  • Defining the QA testing, product inspection and release procedures and ensuring these are understood and applied in the relevant operational area
  • Ensuring that the product meets the quality requirements and is predictable, reliable and consistent
  • The development and implementation of corrective actions and projects to ensure Quality and Business objectives are achieved
  • Product quality reporting within the business and with internal suppliers and customers
  • Handling concession requests and management of non-conforming products with suppliers and customers. (internal)
  • Actively working within the operations team to achieve all departmental KPIs. (E.g. productivity, output, RFT, energy, costs, etc.)
  • Provides support and assistance for product development activities in the operational area
  • Contributing to the Health, safety and environmental activities for the manufacturing area
  • Participating in the internal auditing process for Management Systems. (ISO9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001)

Necessary skills/experience/qualifications

  • Degree level of education in relevant discipline and/or relevant formal training
  • Continuous Improvement methodology and problem solving techniques and its application to process improvement
  • Ability to manage projects effectively to stringent requirements and tight deadlines
  • Ability to prepare concise technical reports to support findings

Desired skills/experience/qualifications

  • Design of experiment techniques
  • Use of statistical software packages
  • Knowledge of Management System Auditing techniques
  • Knowledge of experimental design to enable viable product developments to be made
  • Understanding of the appropriate quality management systems within the manufacturing area
  • Understanding of the environmental and health and safety management systems within the manufacturing area

Working environment/health & safety: The jobholder will need to know and understand the necessary health, safety and environmental requirements throughout the company.

Hours of work: Flexi-hours based around 9-5 

Place in organisation: The jobholder locally reports to the Area Operations Manager and functionally reports to the Senior Product Quality Assurance Engineer within the Technical Department. Although the jobholder works within the manufacturing team, they are an integral member of the Technical Department. Provides leadership for all product quality, technology and development aspects within the assigned manufacturing team.


Full/Part Time: 
Full Time

How to apply for this post

Please contact the Recruitment Team at

Application deadline: 1 May 2018