Iron & Steel Society Newsletter No.1 - July 2017

The Iron & Steel Society
12 Jul 2017


NEWSLETTER NO. 1 July 2017

The Iron and Steel Society (ISS) Board of IOM3 wish to improve communications within the iron and steel `community` and are in the process of revising its website, making it more user-friendly and increasing the scope for more up-to-date and varied content. As part of this process we will publish a newsletter after each Board meeting, highlighting the main topics discussed, producing a regular news item from a Board member, and inviting feedback, comments on potential future activities, and so on. Our `webmaster` is Chris Melvin of Tata Steel.

This is newsletter no. 1, following the Board meeting in London on 29th June 2017.

The Board comprises 22 members providing a broad range of experience and knowledge from within industry, business and academia. The full list can be seen here. Three new members attended their first meeting; Dr Laura Baker of Tata Steel, Dr Cameron Pleydell-Pearce of Swansea University and John Beeley of Outokumpu.

Identifying suitable topics for Conferences which will be of interest and benefit to the iron and steel community, and then organising them, are key roles of the Board. The one day Steel Strategy Seminars which commenced in 2011 have been an outstanding success in terms of feedback from attendees. Following the recent retirement of Bob Ruddlestone as Chair of the conference organising team, Andy Dunsmore will take over as chair, and the next seminar series is planned to start in Spring 2018.

The UK is the planned venue for the 2020 European Electric Steelmaking conference. This is a major world steel industry event. The host region is still under discussion.

Residuals in steel is a subject of very topical importance to the UK. A series of two or three conferences is planned, the first at Warwick University in Sept 2018, will set the scene, e.g. definition, impact on properties, feedstock control in both EAF and BOF, microstructure effects, etc. Topics for subsequent conferences will be generated from this first one. Dr Richard Thackray of Sheffield University is the conference organising Chair.

Post graduate research It may surprise readers to find that in the UK today there are 176 Ph.D/Eng. Doc post graduates working on steel-related topics. This is a fantastic number, illustrating the continued interest in, and demand for, research into what some may think of (wrongly) as a sunset industry. A conference is being planned for 2018 so that students can interact and outline their work to each other, to research bodies and to industry. Dr Chris McDonald of the Materials Processing Institute (MPI) will be providing more information in due course.

2019 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Iron and Steel Institute, one of the precursors to IOM3. To celebrate this major milestone the ISS, aided by IOM3, is planning a year of celebrations, including two major conferences, photo competition, specific events throughout the year, special edition of Ironmaking and Steelmaking journal, and much, much more. These events will celebrate steel, a material without which the modern world would not exist and, hopefully, leave a lasting legacy for coming generations. More details will be provided as the programme is fleshed out.


Dr David Price

ISS Board Secretary