IOM3 Events

2017 Premier Awards Dinner
11 July, 297 Euston Road, London

Presidential Address

April 2017 - Presidential Address
Mr Martin Cox CEng FIMMM

YMC Meets...

Dana Brintz ProfGradIMMM
Graduate Research Engineer, National Composites Centre

MaDE Partnership

MaDE re-launch
23 May 2017 - IOM3, London

Steel Strategy Seminar

30 November 2016, 297 Euston Road, London

Economics of Blast Furnace vs. Arc Furnace Steel Production
Rachel Waugh

The Future Is Green
Jon Bolton

Current, Future and Not Possible
Chris McDonald FIMMM

Influence of EAF Production Route on Steel Quality and Operational Costs in Relation to Different Charge Mixes
Paolo Burin

Future of Ferrous Scrap Availability and Demand
Baris Ciftci

2016 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition, Brazil

Li (Alan) Zhong, Singapore - Winner
Artificial Corneal Implants: A Brighter Future with Advanced Bioceramics

Jean Potgieter, South Africa - 2nd place
Effects of Compaction on Lateral Earth Pressure

Isabella Vasconcelos Joviano dos Santos, Brazil - 3rd place
Block Copolymers Self-assembly: Structurally Controlled Materials Directing Future Energy Applications

Colleen Mann, UK
In the Bin for 100,000 Years: An Intergenerational Burden

Harry Sze, Hong Kong
Micro-mechanic Behaviour of Sand Particles

Hoy (Vincent) Chun Wai, Malaysia
Nanocellulose: Nature's Answer to Energy Poverty

Daniel Sully, Australia
Mt Percy Gold Deposit: The Role and Significance of Porphyry Intrusions in The Gold Mineralisation Process

Hannah Little, Ireland
Bone Scaffolds for the Regeneration of Critical Sized Defects: A 3D-Printing Approach Using Tailored Materials

Trevor Clark, United States*
Iron-Silicon Bulk Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Material

* Trevor Clark was unable to travel to Brazil to compete