• A nano risk

    A report looks into the potential dangers of nanotechnology in the construction industry. Ellis Davies investigates.
  • Economic digest

    Using data from the UK Office for National Statistics and the Markit/CPS Construction PMI, we present an overview of UK construction related economic information.
  • Heal the Earth via the heavens

    Khai Trung Le talks to Professor Stephen Luby about the use of satellite imagery to help change harmful brick manufacture in Bangladesh.
  • Learning from nature

    A new process of toughening ceramics in ambient conditions has been discovered. Kathryn Allen reports.
  • The modern quandary

    Khai Trung Le looks at claims over the last two years that the construction sector needs to radically modernise or face decline.
  • ICTa Board Papers 2017

    Minutes of the 12th Annual Meeting held on Thursday 16th November 2017 at “ClayTech UK ”, Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Coddington, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY at 17.00
  • ICTa North Staffs programme for 2018

    The ICTa North Staffs committee have prepared a very interesting programme for the remainder of this year and 2018.
  • Constellation of bricks

    Ellis Davies reports on a unique 3D-printed structure.
  • Keeping it in the clay

    A 3,500-year-old clay technology may lead to carbon-free electricity. Khai Trung Le reports.
  • Economic digest

    An overview of the UK economy and construction industry.