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Site Visit - Ecton Copper Mines

9 Jun 2018, Ecton, DERBYSHIRE

Part if the Western Institute of Mining and Minerals lecture programme, this event includes a guided underground tour of the copper mines (Derbyshire) and a short exploration of Ecton HillFull information >

Project Management Fast Track

12 Jun 2018, Grantham

Anyone with little or no knowledge of project management tools or techniques but who has become involved with projects and needs to acquire a basic understanding, in the shortest possible time.Further information >

Greensteel - A New Vision for the Steel Industry

Liberty Steel: The Future is Green

12 Jun 2018, Sheffield

Sheffield Metallurgical & Engineering Celebrity LectureFull information >

Properties and Applications of Silk

13 Jun 2018, University of Bristol

West of England Metals & Materials Association Joint Lecture with the Natural Materials AssociationFull information >

Fifth Energy Materials Lecture

Organised by IOM Communications on behalf of the IOM3 Energy Materials Group

14 Jun 2018, London

Materials for Energy Storage in Electric Vehicles and Low Carbon Grids - Opportunities and ChallengesFull information >

Introduction to Silicone Elastomers

20 Jun 2018, Shrewsbury

An objective, comparative overview of the main types of silicone elastomers, their properties and processingFurther information >


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