SWEMP 2012

28 Nov 2012 - 30 Nov 2012


Environmental Impacts of Coal-Fired Power Projects· Environmental Impact Assessment and related national & international  case histories· Mining and Reclamation/Rehabilitation in Context of Landscape Ecology· Ecological Impact Assessment, Rehabilitation and Pollution Control·  Water Management in Post-Mining Sites· Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology·  Environmental Issues in Deep Mining- Mine Ventilation, Refrigeration and Worker Health Protection· Sustainable Development for Mineral and Energy Industries-national perspectives· Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Energy and Mineral Production Operations·  Remediation of Contaminated Mine Area :Soil and Groundwater·  Health Hazard and Safety Issues in Small-Scale Mining·   Environmental Issues in Surface and Underground Mining of metalliferous, coal, uranium, industrial minerals·  Occupational Health, Safety, Rehabilitation of Mineworkers, and Re-use of Depleted Mine Sites·  Control of Effluents from Mineral Processing, Metallurgical and Chemical Plants·  Emerging Technologies for Environmental Protection·  Mine Site Closure and Rehabilitation·  Computer Modeling, Optimization and Applications·  Geographical Information Systems(GIS) and Remote Sensing

  • Reliability of Waste Containment Structures, Tailings Treatment, Recycle, Disposal, and Decommissioning. Tailings Recycling for New Construction Materials( Controlled Low strength Materials-CLSM etc)

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The LaLiT New Delhi
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Raj Singhal