Innovation Towards Sustainable Materials

10 Nov 2010 - 11 Nov 2010

Organised by the IOM3 Sustainable Development Group


This event has passed.

Sustainable development, against a background of mitigating and adapting to climate change, remains the primary challenge of the 21st century. Living standards and quality of life must improve for all and for the long term, but with less dependence on the consumption of finite resources, with lower carbon intensity and with greater respect to the planet's ecosystems. 

Materials are  an essential part of every day life. It is hard to imagine how improved living standards could be achieved without  materials innovation and new more effective material applications. Yet there is often little recognition of the positive contribution that materials can make to improve quality of life. More importantly, there is a perception that as the world population grows and higher living standards are achieved, the increasing demand for materials maybe a significant part of the problem and not necessarily part of the solution.

As well as the challenges, huge potential opportunities exist both in business terms and in technology development  which will require the materials industries and the associated professional bodies to re-think their role and to set out new strategies.

The Innovation Towards Sustainable Materials conference sets out to address these challenges and demonstrate that materials have a key role to play in a more sustainable world.


Aimed at both the academic and the business community the conference will address the need for action across the materials supply chain; from mining and manufacturing, through to materials applications and product design.

This will raise awareness of the issues facing the materials sector but will also demonstrate that  major improvements are already underway, for example in the energy, construction, and transport sectors. There will be recognition that life cycle thinking and sustainability practices need to be embedded in educational programmes and professional practices and the conference will in itself raise awareness of the need for more positive communications to help improve perceptions on the role of materials.

The pathways toward sustainable development, both from a political and technology perspective, will be explored. Along with tackling the single issue of climate change, there is an increasing need to embrace new business models where decisions can be made around triple bottom line thinking, taking account of added social value, sustainable economics and sound environmental practices.

Customers for materials will explain how they are being driven by the sustainability agenda, partly by regulations but also as they too recognise the importance of making improvements  in the face of their own pressures from downstream markets and consumers. As well as case studies and examples there will be presentations on the emerging methodologies, support tools and new standards to assist with assessing the potential value of new developments.


This event is approved for Professional Development by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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Session 1: Setting the Global Scene
Chair: Louis Brimacombe - Tata Steel Europe

09:10 Ian Christmas (Director General, World Steel Association)
09:30 Peter Lacy (Managing Director, Accenture)
09:50 Peter Bonfield (Chief Executive, Building Research Establishment)

Session 2: Materials Sourcing, Processing Technologies, Extractive Industries
Chair: Miguel Diaz - AMEC

10:40 John Groom (Safety and Sustainable Development Adviser, Anglo American)
11:10 Craig White (Wood Technology, White Design)
11:30 Sevket Durucan (Professor of Mining and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College)
11:50 James Anderson (Director of Sustainability, AMEC)

Session 3: Construction and the Built Environment
Chair: Andrew Dunster - BRE

13:30 Hank Dittmar (Chief Executive, Prince's Foundation, Built Environment)
13:50 Beulah Keane (Project Manager, Marks and Spencer, Plan A & Sustainable Construction)
14:10 Jamie Smith (Skanska)
14:30 Edward Way (Chairman, Green Power Ltd)

Session 4: Resource Efficiency and Environmental Technologies
Chair: Tony Hartwell - Environmental Sustainability KTN

15:30 Carolyn Roberts (Director, Environmental Sustainability KTN)
15:50 Richard Swannell (Director, WRAP)
16:10 Theo Lehner (Manager, Business Development, Boliden)
16:30 Horst Hejny (Proposal Development Manager, MIRO)

Session 5:Assessment Tools and Information Management
Chair: Louis Brimacombe - Tata Steel Europe

17:00 Mike Ashby (Director, Granta Design)
17:20 David Pennington (Group Leader, European Commission)
17:40 Norman Swindells (Managing Director, Ferroday Ltd)
18:00 Angela Druckman (Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Surrey University)

Thursday 11 November

Session 6: Setting the Forward Strategy
Chair: Mark Jolly - Birmingham University

08:55 Sunil Sinha - Chief, Group Quality Management Services, Tata Sons Limited

Session 7: Product Design, Packaging and the Consumer
Chair: Keith Barnes - IOM3 The Packaging Society

09:15 Martin Charter (Director, Centre for Sustainable Design)
09:35 Tony Taylor (Sustainability and Packaging Manager, Unilever UK)
09:55 Stuart Patrick (Chairman, The Polymer Society, IOM3)

Session 8: Transport and Infrastructure
Chair: Shaun Savage - Oxford Brookes University

11:02 Robin Haycock (Transport Energy Consultant, Arup)
11:22 George Coates (Project Director, WorldAutoSteel)
11:42 Geoff Scamans (Chief Scientific Officer, Innoval Limited)
12:02 Pat Winfield (Deputy Head of Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre, Oxford Brookes University)

Session 9: Energy & Climate Change
Chair: Norman Swindell - Farroday Ltd

13:30 Rosemary Albinson (Technology and Transport Strategy Advisor, BP)
13:50 Markys Cain (Knowledge Leader, Functional Materials Team, NPL)
14:10 Rod Martin (Chairman, British Composites Society, IOM3 and Chief Execuitve, MERL)

Session 10: Sustainable Manufacturing and Processes
Chair: Mark Jolly - Birmingham University

15:15 Mike Gregory, CBE (Head of Manufacturing and Management Division, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge)

15:35 Pascal Payet-Gaspard (Secretary General, International Stainless Steel Forum)

Closing Address

Roland Clift CBE (Distinguished Professor of Environmental Technology, Surrey University)



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Event Location: 
Royal Society
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Paul Harris
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