Sustainable Materials for Emerging Energy Technology (SMEET) II

27 Feb 2013

Organised by IOM Communications on behalf of the Energy Materials Group of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Sustainable Materials for Emerging Energy Technology (SMEET) II  follows on from the very successful one day conference held in February 2011 where eminent speakers from both metals supply and renewable energy materials expertise set the scene in an uncertain materials supply and demand market.  A range of materials supply issues relating to emerging energy technologies where rapidly growing industries are likely to challenge the supply of materials. 

This workshop will continue to look at the "pinch points" in materials supply such as rare earth metals, lithium, platinum, indium etc which might become in short supply as demand increases from different emerging energy technologies.  This covers the emerging technologies of DC electric motors, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, batteries and PV solar energy. 

This workshop will have some keynote invited talks on the continuing issues of Rare Earth materials supply, the projections for the demand for metals that might become in short supply and effects on the economics of emerging energy technologies.  This will be followed by discussion sessions that will map out key topics for future research with the aim of providing a document to inform R&D funding bodies of the opportunities.

Topics to be covered

Metals mining, supply, materials for emerging energy technologies to include, electric vehicles, wind energy, PV solar, fuel cells, batteries and hydrogen storage.

Who will attend

Researchers from universities and industry plus representatives from a range of manufacturing/ mining industries and research funding bodies.

Programme Details and Online Registration are available now at IOM3Online [link opens in new window] 

Venue and booking

Event Location

Event Location: 
The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
1 Carlton House Terrace
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Melanie Boyce
+44 (0)20 7451 7303

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