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Energy Materials Group - 4th Annual Lecture "Materials challenges to deployment of 21st century nuclear reactor systems – can we do better than the early pioneers?" presentation from Dame Sue Ions


EMIRI:  Establishing the Industrial Leadership of Europe in Advanced Materials for the Energy Union, Towards a European Industrial Strategy powered by Innovation 2017.pdf

Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials for Energy Cluster

(Check out the downloads area for some usfle info,


EPSRC call: Advanced Materials for Energy Generation and Transmission:Closing date 6 April 2016


Innovate UK:Current Funding Opportunities - 25 January 2016:

EMIRI: Industry-Driven Initiative on Advanced Materials & Nano for Low Carbon Energy- October 2015 General presentation:

Innovate UK: Game Changing Technologies for the Energy Sector - Information Webinar

Information event- Cardiff, 4 December 2015

Webinar 11th December

Innovate UK is allocating up to £1.5m for their "Energy Game Changer" competition.

The funding will be allocated to feasibility studies led by SMEs who can provide disruptive solutions to long established challenges which currently cost the energy sector hundreds of millions of pounds per year.


Horizon 2020 - Energy calls for 2016 -2017 are now ratified and can be found at:


Critical metals - Feb 2013 (SMEET II Conference)

Mason - Impact of Materials Prices on Cost of PV Manfacture - Part 1- Feb 2013 (SMEET II Conference)

UK EnergyResearch Centre - Materials availability: Batteries, motors and electric vehicles- Feb 2013 (SMEET II Conference)

Imperial College London - Impact of Materials Prices on Cost of PV Manfacture - Part 2- Feb 2013 (SMEET II Conference)

Special Interest Group in Surface Engineering and Advanced Coatings - Presentation 21 May 2013   

Packaging Society

Modelling and measuring reactor core graphite properties Conference - at University of Aston 31st October  to 2 November 2011

Sustainable Materials for Emerging Energy Technologies - 28 Feb 2011, London, UK

Conference Proceedings 

Wood Mackenzie, a research and consulting company providing commercial insight for companies across the energy value chain, including the Coal sector

AD700 Advanced ("700°C") PF Fuel Plan Project

Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF)

BIS (Department of Business, Innovation & Skills)

DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) Energy Efficiency Programme

EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)

Electricity Supply Research Network

Energy Institute

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

EPSRC Energy Programme

EPSRC Supergen Programme

EuMaT (European Technology Platform on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies)

EURATOM/UKAEA Fusion Association

European Union Energy Pages

Fuel Cell Materials

Fuel Cell Technology Showcase

Fuel Cell Today

Fuel Cells UK

Fuel Cell World

Generation IV: Nuclear Energy Systems for the Future

Hydrogen & Fuel cell Letter

Imperial College Energy Future Lab

Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

National Fuel Cell Research Centre

Natural Environment Research Council Sustainable Energy Programme

The Carbon Trust

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC)

US Department of Energy Hydrogen Programme

Zero Emission Technology Platform

PV Supergen research consortium
UK Solar Energy Society
Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)
Solar Energy Research Centre
European PV Industry Association