• The universal way

    This month, Dr Jennifer Unsworth, Patent Attorney at intellectual property law firm Withers and Roger, looks at an improved method for hardness testing.
  • Second lease of life

    A UK company reuses ring pulls to design sustainable luxury handbags.
  • Bury it

    With plastic packaging under attack for its environmental credentials, how can its design be improved for reuse and how viable are alternative wrapping materials? Ines Nastali investigates.
  • Imprinted

    After his father died, Danish artist Dan Stockholm created a special memorial.
  • A nano risk

    A report looks into the potential dangers of nanotechnology in the construction industry. Ellis Davies investigates.
  • Reaching new heights

    Norway is to build the world’s tallest timber building.
  • Patent of the month: Predicted thickness

    This month, Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers, looks at a patented method that enables measuring of coating thickness on a curved surface.
  • The value of additive manufacturing

    The fusing of molecular science and engineering could be the key to solving some of the biggest challenges in additive manufacturing (AM), as Ellis Davies reports.
  • A smarter outfit

    Ellis Davies rounds up recent developments in smart fabrics and clothing.
  • A beautiful mess

    A control sample gone wrong proves worthy of a photography prize.