Diary of courses

This section shows courses organised by IOM Communications Ltd and endorsed by the Institute's technical divisions, societies and associations, as well as other courses which have gained IOM3 approval for Professional Development.

See full details of the Institute's own packaging courses as well as wood technology qualifications and clay technology qualifications.

Introduction to Plastics Technology

25 Jan 2017, London

Plastic behaves differently to traditional materials such as metal or wood. This introductory hands-on experience one day course is designed to develop an initial understanding of how plastic’s behaviour has been adopted for use in a modern environment and provide a comprehensive introduction to plastics technology.Further information >

Introduction to Polymer Materials

26 Jan 2017, London

Polymer materials are extremely versatile and becoming increasingly popular in all areas of modern life. There are many types and grades of plastics available to today’s designer with new formulations developing daily.Further information >

Certificate in Packaging - online

1 Feb 2017, Grantham

Use the latest online learning technology to access course materials and tutor support to complete the Certificate in Packaging qualification.Further information >

Evaluators Qualification in Packaging Technology (EQIPT)

1 Feb 2017, Grantham

The EQIPT course is designed to provide auditors, who do not hold a recognised primary packaging qualification, for example the PIABC Diploma in Packaging Technology, with sufficient knowledge of packaging and related processes, to enable them to apply the appropriate rigour to the packaging-manufacturing environment whilst performing an audit.Further information >

Diploma in Packaging Technology - Online

1 Feb 2017, Online

Use the latest online learning technology to access course materials and tutor support to complete the Diploma in Packaging Technology.Further information >

Diploma in Packaging Technology - Intensive

13 Feb 2017 - 17 Feb 2017, Grantham

An intensive 15 day course split into three block of 5 days each combines classroom activity and self-directed study, offering students the opportunity to cover the Diploma syllabus in a relatively short time.Further information >

Introduction to Rubber Technology

1 Mar 2017 - 2 Mar 2017, Shrewsbury

2 day CPD course explains how rubber is formulated and processed and how this impacts on product performance.Further information >

Certificate in Packaging

6 Mar 2017 - 9 Mar 2017, Grantham

Blended Learning Course (4 day taught for core unit & online access for optional assignments)Further information >

Clay Quarry Management Course

7 Mar 2017 - 9 Mar 2017, Kidderminster

The Clay Quarry Management course is designed for quarry managers to demonstrate competence in accordance with the 1999 Quarry Regulations.Further information >

Plastic Materials and Products

8 Mar 2017 - 9 Mar 2017, Shrewsbury

This 2 day CPD course will help attendees minimise the possibility of product failure through greater understanding of plastics materials.Further information >