Simon Frost

Magnesium diffusion modelled

A new model for diffusion in magnesium alloys could be used to examine a range of materials.

Atom-thick silicon embedded in polymer

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich have developed a stable composite material that can be processed with standard polymer technology.

Country report: France

The country with the world’s highest share of nuclear generation, France is transforming its energy mix to meet ambitious carbon targets.

Mali revealed as hub for illicit gold

A new report has found that West African countries are smuggling gold through Mali to avoid export taxes.

Magnesium partnership eyes low-volume production

The world’s largest magnesium component producer is attempting to dispel myths and make the light metal more practical for low-volume applications.

Sunlight, Kinetograph, Action!

This month in history, Thomas Edison opened the world’s first film studio. Simon Frost writes, Ashley Cooper illustrates.

Material of the month: carbon fibre composite

Simon Frost charts the history of the favoured materials in applications where strength, stiffness and low weight are key.

Camborne homing in on heavy rare earths

Examinations of an unusual carbonatite deposit in Malawi could help mining companies track down heavy rare earth elements.

Materials World’s 25th Volume

To celebrate the first issue of our 25th volume, we catch up with previous editors of MW, and look back at three stories from the very first issue to examine how they compare to the news of today.

From biogas to bioplastics

A Finnish research institute is developing a way to make small-scale conversion of biogas to plastics and proteins viable


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