Simon Frost

Foiled again

Chemists at Queens University Belfast have developed a method to turn used aluminium foil into single-crystalline alumina catalysts for biofuel production. Simon Frost reports.

Neutron beam cast on welds

A new study recommends that improvements and alternatives to spot welding should be developed for the automotive industry. Simon Frost reports.

Company claims piston ring will help automotive industry lower emissions

A new metal-silicide-strengthened bronze alloy could increase combustion engine efficiency.

Study calls for aerogels to diversify

The aerogel industry must broaden its reach beyond applications in oil and gas, according to a new market study.

Roman concrete mineralisation explored

A study into the structure of Roman concrete examines its long-term chemical interactions with seawater.

Rubber devulcanised by bacteria

A UK biotech company is launching a technology that uses bacteria to remove sulphur from rubber.

Biomaterials remineralise teeth

In collaboration with researchers from Finland, Brazil, Belgium, Germany and the UK, Salvatore Sauro, Professor of dental biomaterials and minimally invasive dentistry at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Spain, has developed...

Best foot forward for gait recognition

Not only could CSIRO’s new wearable technology generate its power from footsteps – it could use a wearer’s gait for identification, too.

Mining industry steadies ship

PwC’s Mine 2017 report on the mining industry finds 2016 was a strategically modest year
Photo: Natalie Oxford/Wikimedia Commons

Grenfell tower block fire: what we know so far

The full extent of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in West London remains at this stage unknown – there are plenty more questions than answers, as rescue and relief...


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