Natalie Daniels

Transforming energy technology

A new report released by the IEA looks at how technological advances could play out in the next four decades. Natalie Daniels reports.

10 minutes with… Bramley Murton on deep-sea mining

Natalie Daniels catches up with Bramley Murton at the Deep Sea Mining Summit to discuss the opportunities and challenges within deep-sea mining.

Exploring the ocean's reserves

Natalie Daniels reports from this year’s Deep Sea Mining Summit

Lifelike prosthetic limbs

A new surgical technique developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, USA, could allow finer-grained control of a human prosthetic leg by grafting pairs of muscles onto the amputation...

Country report: Indonesia

With the world’s fourth largest population and an ambitious target to increase the share of renewable energy to 23% by 2025, Natalie Daniels looks at the country’s energy mix.

Robot brickies could help humans

A new bricklaying technology could bring robotics and automation onto construction sites in the UK. Natalie Daniels reports.

Q&A with Daniel Meilán

Having been appointed National Mining Secretary for Argentina for the second time, Daniel Meilán talks to Natalie Daniels about the country’s current state of play and how he is trying to change public perception of the mining industry.

Young Persons' Lecture Competition Final 2017

The winners from this years 2017 National Final of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Q&A on new and advanced materials

Professor Philip Withers discusses his work understanding new materials and why there is still the same level of innovation and excitement around materials science as in the past century.

Material of the month: aluminium

From aircrafts and skyscrapers to smartphones and packaging, aluminium is one of the most versatile materials used today. Natalie Daniels discovers why.



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