Kathryn Allen

Q&A – Kirsten Bodley

Kathryn Allen speaks to Kirsten Bodley, Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Engineering Society, about her career to date and good management practice. 


One injection, many doses

A new 3D fabrication method could allow polymer microparticles to administer multiple drug doses from just one injection.

Molecule order in polymer chains controlled

Researchers at Hiroshima University have developed a method that regulates the order molecules take when they form long chain polymers. Kathryn Allen reports.

RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist 2017

The Royal Institute of British Architects has announced the six projects shortlisted for its annual Stirling Prize.

DONG Energy to build largest offshore wind farm

The world’s largest offshore wind farm is to be built off the UK’s coast by DONG Energy, Denmark

Brazilian Government undermined

The Brazilian Government is attempting to abolish a national reserve in the Amazon. Kathryn Allen reports.

Sprayable nanocoating extends produce shelf life

An antimicrobial nanocoating can be sprayed onto food to increase its shelf life. Kathryn Allen reports.

Superballistic electron flow in graphene confirmed

The behaviour of electrons through graphene constrictions has been found to increase the material’s conductivity. Kathryn Allen reports.

Material Marvels: Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Kathryn Allen looks at the mysteries of engineering behind the dome of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Italy.

Q&A – Serena Best

Kathryn Allen talks to Serena Best CBE FREng FIMMM about her career and securing funding for the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials.   


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