Kathryn Allen

Economic digest

A round-up of the latest figures affecting construction and related industries in the UK.

Q&A with Noel Sharkey

Kathryn Allen speaks to Noel Sharkey about his career, his work promoting STEM and the involvement of women in engineering.

Bridging the skills gap

Kathryn Allen examines recent attempts to increase the supply of workers to the UK's STEM sector.

Advanced ceramic forms super-hard window

Scientists have synthesised the first transparent sample of silicon nitride.

New technologies harness solar power

Two new technologies offer solutions to the issue of harnessing solar power.

60 seconds on...a silk sensor

What is it? A nanoscale probe, known as a mechanophore and made from the dye rhodamine spirolactam, implanted into a lightweight composite. The composite is made of epoxy and silk...

Biomedical use for tick ‘cement’

The sticky substance used by ticks to anchor to their prey has potential as a bioadhesive. Kathryn Allen reports.

Hydronium-ion battery is world’s first

A new battery has the potential to provide sustainable, high-power energy storage.

60 seconds on…conductive graphene inks

What are they? Printable inks with high concentrations of graphene flakes, of up to 100g per litre. Who created them? Researchers in the Graphene Flagship, led by researchers from the...

Borophene’s unlocked potential

Future applications of one-atom-thick boron have been uncovered thanks to a happy accident.


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