Ines Nastali

Red Sea surface waters contain little plastic

The Red Sea has relatively low amounts of floating plastic debris in its surface waters due to fewer sources or faster removal, research by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, UAE, has found.

Material Marvels: Tame the river

In the 1930s, during a time of global depression, the Hoover Dam project brings work to the western American states and valuable lessons for future dam engineering. Ines Nastali reports.

Stop the pirates

Researchers are working on fluorescent 3D polymers that, when embedded into bank notes and product tags, help tackle forging and counterfeiting. Ines Nastali reports.

Blowing in the wind

The electricity market reform is supposed to prepare the UK for future power demand, but how will it be delivered? Ines Nastali reports on ideas to secure sustainable capacity.

EU delays recycling process, trade association claims

Although scientific opinions confirm that recycled plastic is safe to use for food packaging, the EU delays publication of an official framework, trade association European Plastics Converters claims.

The plane in the living room

Two brothers from Bath created a business in 2012 that turns plane scrap into custom-made furniture

Packaging unwrapped

Packaging could reduce food waste, and even add nutrients to the soil, if it doesn’t consist of harmful plastic waste. Ines Nastali reports.

60 seconds on... integrated panels

Silicon-sapphire nanopatterns have been developed for photovoltaic modules that scatter green light towards the onlooker, and thus better integrate the panels into their built environment.

Filthy snack

Lollies made from waste are not the latest craze among ice cream makers, but a cruel reminder of the increasing amounts of waste in global waters.
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