Ellis Davies

Spotlight: Additive manufacturing

Dr Phil Carroll, founder and CEO of LPW Technology Ltd, talks to Ellis Davies about the PowderTrace smart hopper. 

Boosting fuel cells

A new process could help fuel cell vehicles become suitable for mass production, as Ellis Davies reports.

Not so crystalline

An understanding of non-crystalline uranium could help with mine site restoration, as Ellis Davies reports.

Younger members' workshop

In an unprecedented event, young members from 35 professional engineering institutions came together to discuss the future of the institutes, as Ellis Davies reports.

Heat Treatment

Richard Bilson, Director of Engineering at Carbolite Gero, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about the GPC 13/300B retort furnace.

Printed glass

Glass has been used in 3D-printing for the first time, as Ellis Davies reports.

Harnessing photosynthesis

Ellis Davies reports on an artificial photosynthesis process that could produce clean energy.

From liquid to ceramic

Ellis Davies reports on a liquid ceramic precursor that could be used in a range of applications as a liquid polymer and a ceramic.

Are there bricks on Mars?

A manned mission to Mars may not need to transport building materials from earth, as Ellis Davies reports.

Out with the old, in with CO2

Andreas Praller, Senior Expert at Linde, Germany, talks to Ellis Davies about the company’s gas injection moulding technology, PLASTINUM GIM C.


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