Ellis Davies

Spotlight: small matters

Ellis Davies talks to Andrew Monk, Co-Founder of ioLight, about the world’s first folding portable digital microscope

Aquatic ferns improve nanofur

Aquatic ferns have helped to improve the artificial oil absorbent, nanofur. Ellis Davies reports

Metamaterials shield against earthquakes

A new seismic isolation strategy could shield historic buildings and wider areas from earthquakes. Ellis Davies reports

World's first biocomposite bridge

Students have built a bridge made entirely from biocomposite materials
Transmission electron microscope images show nanodiamonds in samples of nanotubes fired at a target at high velocity. The insert shows the diffraction pattern identifying the formations as nanodiamonds. Credit Ajayan Group/Rice University

Nanodiamonds reveal way to tougher carbon

A recent study to strengthen carbon nanotubes has discovered nanodiamonds during testing.

A real-life invisibility cloak?

Using a material coated with a nanocomposite medium, researchers in London have created a new cloaking device

Further delays for Hinkley Point C

Plans to build the first new UK nuclear plant in 20 years have suffered an unexpected delay after the government postponed a final decision

Reinventing the mirror for the CubeSat telescope

The CubeSat programme continues to strive for affordable access to space with new nanotube optics. Ellis Davies reports

Spotlight: Nanomechanics, Inc introduce The Service Lab

Ellis Davies talks to Kurt Johanns, Director of Lab Services at Nanomechanics, Inc, about the company’s latest addition, the Service Lab

The impact of Brexit for the construction, brickmaking and ceramic industries

Ellis Davies investigates the aftermath of Brexit in the construction, brickmaking and ceramic industries


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