Ellis Davies

Theoretical ropes could slow falling climbers

University of Utah mathematicians prove it is theoretically possible to design ideal climbing ropes to safely slow falling rock and mountain climbers

Goodfish's plastic injection firm talks business and Brexit

Ellis Davies talks to Goodfish Group’s Business Development Manager Paul Groenestein about the Goodfish Group, and the possible effects of Brexit on UK injection moulding

Surfaces aid oil self-transportation

Oleophobic surfaces could lead to power-free liquid transportation, Ellis Davies reports

Waste tyres take on disasters

Millions of tyres are discarded each year in the UK. Ellis Davies reports on a new method for using waste tyres to protect bridge infrastructure

Plastic to fuel and wax

Polyethylene makes up the largest volume of plastic in the world. Ellis Davies reports on a method to turn it into fuel and waxes

From squid to graphene: the latest in biomedicine

Ellis Davies reports on recent research in the field of biomedicine.

Director of 3D printing company Layer talks about developments in the industry

Ellis Davies talks to Benjamin Hubert, Director and founder of Layer, about the development of the lab’s inaugural project, GO, a 3D-printed wheelchair.

Bright future predicted for the flexible electronics market

With large market growth predicted for the future, Ellis Davies investigates the latest technologies


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