Ellis Davies

Stressing the point

A long-term collaboration has recently expanded to form a new materials lab, as Ellis Davies reports.

Boosting performance of batteries for aerospace

A new material could improve the performance of nuclear batteries for space travel. Ellis Davies reports.

Bessemer Day 2016

The Bessemer Lecture was hosted in the steel-producing area of South Wales this year, as Ellis Davies reports.
Damiano Pasini, designer of the implant, preparing for testing with students Sajad Arabnejad and Burnett Johnston/Owen Egan

False bone tricks the femur

A new hip replacement could create fewer problems by mimicking the porosity of real bone

Spotlight – Heating up

Kimmo Kuusela, Senior R&D Manager at Glaston, Finland, talks to Ellis Davies about a new heat treatment machine monitoring technology, Glaston Insight.

One day, 90 new materials

Artificial intelligence has helped researchers discover 90 new materials in just one day. Ellis Davies reports

An end to shear bands

Shear band formation in metal manufacturing processes could be stopped with the use of a simple method. Ellis Davies reports

A smile for CLT

The Smile by Alison Brooks Architects gives CLT a boost at London Design Week 2016

Lego and jigsaws

Inspiration from Lego bricks and jigsaws could see full-size buildings constructed in the same way. Ellis Davies reports.

Robot inspector for building inspection

A robot armed with cameras and laser scanners could soon be used for inspecting buildings in Singapore, Ellis Davies reports


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