Ellis Davies

MDF recycling takes a step forward

MDF recycling technology has taken a step closer to commercialisation, as Ellis Davies reports.

The end of blood clots?

Nanotube covered titanium could be used in blood repellent medical implants. Ellis Davies reports.

Theatre of bespoke brick

Michelmersh has been awarded the Architect’s Choice award for the Whitty Theatre in Berkshire, UK, as Ellis Davies reports.

NASA improves silicon X-ray mirrors

New lightweight silicon optics could decrease the cost, and improve the performance, of large space observatories, as Ellis Davies reports.

Spotlight – Thorough analysis

Trisha Rice, Vice President and General Manager of materials science solutions at Thermo Fisher Scientific, talks to Ellis Davies about the HeliScan MicroCT Imaging System. 

Custom silk

Sustainable, edible and biocompatible, silk is a versatile material. Ellis Davies reports on a new development to give 3D bulk materials made of silk protein custom functions.

Automation grows in mining

Vale’s Eliezer Batista S11D Complex began commercial operations in January, using a range of automated technology. Ellis Davies investigates the future of this approach in large-scale mining.

Spotlight: Additive manufacturing

Ed Littlewood, Marketing Manager of the Medical Dental Products Division at Renishaw, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about using additive manufacturing to create surgical guides and implants. 

An easy method for 2D nanomaterials

2D nanomaterials could have extensive applications in everyday technology if used on a large scale. Ellis Davies reports on a method to achieve this.

Innovative uses of composites in sport

Composite materials are a driving force in sports technology, as Ellis Davies found out.


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